Necrofuckphilia - Cunt Slam Her With A Sledgehammer (2014)

Band: Necrofuckphilia
Album: Cunt Slam Her With A Sledgehammer
Type: Full-length
Released: June 14, 2014
Genre: Porngrind / Slamming Brutal Death Metal
Country: Canada (Lethbridge, Alberta)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Dethbridge Records


1. Tied, Bound, Head in a Bag and Left on the Patio (Intro) - 05:52
2. Cunt Slam Her with a Sledgehammer Ft. Zach of Whore Torture - 02:42
3. Groovey Slam Whores Ft. Bob X Shaw of Cuff - 02:07
4. The Pornogrind Game Ft. Zach of Lascivious - 00:59
5. 2 Seater Hoe Beater Ft. Clay of Cemetery Rapist - 01:22
6. Vaginal Fish Fillet Feast Day Ft. Joey of Goremonger & Dave of Paradoxical Evolution - 02:52
7. Nasty Bathroom Fuck with a Cum Drunk Slut Ft. Abe of Erotic Female Relieving Observations - 04:45
8. The Vagtastic Porngrind Voyage Ft. Josh of Chainsaw Harakiri - 03:21
9. Substantial Blood Loss Ft. Zack of Phalloplasty (Chainsaw Harakiri Cover) - 00:46
10. Shank That Skank Ft. San of Festered Corpus - 04:20
11. Pedophile in the Next Isle Ft. Daniel of Filleted Whore - 02:59
12. Beat a Bitch Down If Ya Name Chris Brown Ft. Conor of Unburied Horror - 02:48
13. Outro for the Homies Ft. Tyson of Jesus Loves Anal - 01:36
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