Nott - The Wretched Sounds (2018)

Band: Nott
Album: The Wretched Sounds
Type: Full-length
Released: May 25, 2018
Genre: Downtempo Deathcore
Country: United States (Seattle, Washington)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


01. Conference of the Arcane 00:45
02. The Wretched Sounds (feat. Tyler Shelton) 04:03
03. Luminous 04:37
04. The Carbon Lens 06:17
05. Devoid 01:42
06. Ablation 05:22
07. Terminus I: Barren (feat. CJ McMahon) 05:31
08. Terminus II: Ashen 06:56
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    Personally I'd change to genre to downtempo deathcore. Good stuff btw, thanks for the upload
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      That was input through MA. But I completely agree with you so I changed it. Thanks!!!
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