Ovaryrot / Intestinal Rot / Rektal Tuşe - Sick Alliance [Split] (2010)

Band: Ovaryrot / Intestinal Rot / Rektal Tuşe
Album: Sick Alliance
Type: Split
Released: September 1, 2010
Genre: Goregrind / Brutal Death Metal
Country: International
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Human Discount Records


Ovaryrot (United States / Sweden):
1. Feeling the Innards While Raping the Body of a Nearly Decapitated Female
2. Beauty: Charred, Crisp, Black, and Deceased
3. Marking Territory by Slaughtering Women with a Chainsaw
4. Lodging the Male Genitalia into the Throat of the Jawless
5. Flesh Fixture Fashioned from the Hollowed Out Torso of a Pregnant Female
6. Blood on the Leaves Disemboweled and Dismantled in the Forest
7. ASISD - A Study in Skin Discoloration

Intestinal Rot (Canada):
8. Deep Fried and Vomit Filled
9. C.annibalistic H.umanoid U.nderground D.weller
10. Consuming Fermented Bile
11. Re-inventing Mankind
12. Drowning in Mucous
13. Cranium Crushing Cannibals
14. Japanese Dolphin Slaughter

Rektal Tuşe (Turkey):
15. Kara İncirin Laneti
16. Ölücülük Dizboyu
17. Havada Bir Top Bulut Olsam (I Wish I Would Be a Ball of Cloud in the Sky)
18. Canalis Analis
19. Taste the Poison (Napalm Death cover)
20. Sik Alyansı
21. Yirmidokuz
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