Ravens Creed - Get Killed or Try Dying (2018)

Band: Ravens Creed
Album: Get Killed or Try Dying
Type: Full-length
Released: August 2, 2018
Genre: Death Metal
Country: United Kingdom (London, England)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Xtreem Music


1. Intro - Unrelenting Supremacy
2. Dead Bird on Winchester Street
3. Death on a Rival
4. Get Killed or Try Dying
5. Hymn & Hearse
6. Off with their Legs
7. Treacherous Rector
8. Rats Beneath Our Feet
9. Remember the Hammer
10. Sound of Sirens
11. When a Deaf Man Goes Blind
12. The Trauma of Being Hunted
13. Outro
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    a bit of exquisite death metal, Good Bye 16 GB memory :"D
    Always alone :'D
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