Nocturnal Amentia - HVHI​:​Nati ex Mortis (2016)

Band: Nocturnal Amentia
Album: HVHI​:​Nati ex Mortis
Type: Full-length
Released: April 26, 2016
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Ukraine (Kadiyivka, Luhansk region)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Cold Breath of Silence


1. Poison into the Artery of Light
2. Black Moon Rising
3. I Am Your Death
4. Nati ex Mortis
5. Through the Black Flame
6. March of Pestilence
7. Tomb of This World
9. Lucifer Incestus (Belphegor cover)
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    I dig this release even though I don't know one ounce of their language.
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    I'm liking it. I can see the influence from Ford all over.
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