Cumbomb - Does This Look Offended? (2018)

Band: Cumbomb
Album: Does This Look Offended?
Type: Full-length
Released: 2018
Genre: Grindcore / Powerviolence
Country: Australia
Quality: mp3 VBR V0
Label: Independent


1.You Are A Feminist
2.Sound Of Cucks Crying Makes Me Hard
3.Like This Post To Save A Child
4.You Attend The Westboro Baptist Church
5.Are You In Your Safe Space?
6.Offended By The Mean People On The Internet
7.You Are A Social Justice Warrior
8.Fucking Under The Cross
9.Snowflake Season
10.Cunt Isn't A Derogatory Term
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    This is also NYP on bandcamp (, but I figured I'd add it anyways.
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