The Sound That Ends Creation - Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns (2018)

Band: The Sound That Ends Creation
Album: Roses and Thorns and Dead Unicorns
Type: Full-length
Released: June 30, 2018
Genre: Techgrind / Mathcore
Country: United States (Allen, Texas)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1. When God Put Teeth in Your Mouth, He Ruined a Perfectly Good Asshole
2. There Isn't a Bus Short Enough for You to Throw Up In
3. Fucky the Drunk Clown Onlt Comes Around During a Full Moon
4. I'm a Pacifist, and You're Asking for It
5. Sayonara Fuckos, I'll See You in Hell
6. Matthew Mcconaughey Hates Armadillos with a Passion
7. Unfortunately, the Tide Pod Hysteria Is Driven More by Politics Than Science
8. Santa Jesus God Loves You No Matter What
9. If You're Going to Be Two-Faced, At Least Make One of Them Pretty
10. Camel Toes Aside, the Kardashians Are Photoshop Naturals
11. ¿Que? 'Sadilla Supreme
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