Intestinal Disgorge - Depravity (2010)

Band: Intestinal Disgorge
Album: Depravity
Type: Full-length
Released: 2010
Genre: Deathgrind / Goregrind / Noisegrind
Country: United States (San Antonio, Texas)
Quality: mp3 192 kbps
Label: Carnificina Records


1. Slurping Rancid Pus from Her Festering Wounds
2. Nauseating Sex Acts
3. Eruption of Fizzing Gastric Sewage
4. Masturbating with Liquefied Innards
5. Chewing on Creamy Infected Scabs
6. Force Fed Castrated Cocks
7. Starving and Shivering
8. Hammer to the Back of Her Head
9. Larvae in Her Wounds
10. Putrid Yeast-Infected Crotch
11. Molesting Your Decomposed Corpse
12. Crapped Ass Scat Blast
13. Swollen Corpses Spewing Sewage
14. Drenched with Emerald Cascades of Foaming Diarrhea
15. Mouthful of Mildewed Shit
16. Battered into a Coma
17. Poo Poo Perversions
18. Vomiting Urine and Lumps of Masticated Shit
19. Tranny Fanny
20. Handcuffed and Hard
21. Depravity (Part 1)
22. Basement Full of Prostitute Corpses
23. Decapitated and Defleshed
24. Sucking Congealed Sperm Out of Her Rotten Crotch
25. Gorging on Bubbling Anal Froth
26. Festering Insect-Infested Sores
27. Foaming Yeasty Genital Leakage
28. Balls Deep in Creamy Rotten Innards
29. Bathtub Butchery
30. Puking Up Semi-Digested Genitals
31. No One Will Ever Know
32. Alone at Last
33. Stomach Swollen with Rotten Human Flesh
34. Diaper Whore
35. Ripping the Viscera from Her Corpse
36. Unspeakable Perversions
37. Tortured in My Basement
38. You Are Never Going Home
39. Swamped in Piscatorial Corpse Sludge
40. Ejaculating into Emaciated Corpses
41. What's He Going to Do with All the Beef?
42. Stabbed in the Throat
43. Bloodsoaked Bedsheets
44. Sour Fluids Seeping from Her Bloated Corpse
45. Masturbating in a Swamp of Effervescing Diarrhea
46. Putrid Piscatorial Pus
47. It Will Happen Tonight
48. Consumption of Feculent Sewage
49. Vomiting Rotten Pussy Giblets
50. Shit Splattered Erection
51. Disgorging Putrefied Pussy Slop
52. Cumdripping Innards
53. Insatiable Perversity
54. Slithering
55. Tenderized with a Tire Iron
56. Gurgling Curdled Semen
57. Stomach-Turning Sexual Torture
58. Worm-Eaten Excrement
59. Erotic Dismemberment
60. Depravity (Part 2)
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