Alone with R Kelly - Tetraphallic Bucucke of Canadian Proportions [EP] (2018)

Band: Alone with R Kelly
Album: Tetraphallic Bucucke of Canadian Proportions
Type: EP
Released: February 26, 2018
Genre: Slamming Brutal Death Metal / Slamming Goregrind
Country: United States
Quality: mp3 128 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Forcing a Thot to Overdose by Cramming 50 Miligrams of Xanax Down Her Throat with My Raging Hard​-​On
2. Cumming on an Unconscious Feminist's Face After Not Jacking Off for Two Weeks
3. Giving Capsaicin-Laced Rectal Birth to a 10 Pound Shit Baby in a Wal-Mart Restroom
4. Scalping a Social Justice Warrior by Burning Out a Motorcycle Tire Against Xes Skull
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