Nervosa - Downfall of Mankind (2018)

Band: Nervosa
Album: Downfall of Mankind
Type: Full-length
Released: June 1, 2018
Genre: Female Vocals / Thrash-Death Metal
Country: Brazil (São Paulo, São Paulo)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Napalm Records


1. Intro
2. Horrordome
3. Never Forget, Never Repeat
4. Enslave
5. Bleeding
6. ... And Justice for Whom?
7. Vultures
8. Kill the Silence
9. No Mercy
10. Raise Your Fist!
11. Fear, Violence and Massacre
12. Conflict
13. Cultura do Estupro
14. Selfish Battle

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    My dad's gonna love this.
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    Link should be fixed, this is a masterpiece.
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        You're a life saver.
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          You're welcome. Enjoy!
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    This is a lot better than expected, and this sounds like Vanessa Nocera to me, but clearly isn't....probably better.
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