Chalera - Theopobium Excruciation (2018)

Band: Chalera
Album: Theopobium Excruciation
Type: Full-length
Released: June 2018
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: Indonesia (Bekasi, West Java)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / FLAC
Label: New Standard Elite


01. Intro
02. Molesting The False Decapitated Prophet
03. Faith Dispossesion
04. Theopobium Excruciation
05. Ancestral Suffering
06. Unclean Liquid Blasphemy
07. Codex Gigas
08. Extreme Agonies Of The Amputated Newborn
09. Anatomy Of Perfect Bestiality (Asphyxiate Cover)
10. Provoking By The Name Of God
11. Unclean Liquid Blasphemy (Alternate Version)
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