Goremonger - The Sickening Paradox of Reality (2018)

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Band: Goremonger
Album: The Sickening Paradox of Reality
Type: Full-length
Released: April 7, 2018
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Goregrind
Country: United States (Illinois)
Quality: mp3 128 kbps
Label: Fuck the Ass Records


1. Blowing Gas at Your Face
2. Calculated Coincidence
3. Hanging Out at Fuck the Ass
4. Fart Bubble Embolism
5. Her First Time on Film
6. Spewing Religious Fodder
7. Just Another Hole
8. Fuck Your Victim Impact Statement
9. Paw's Homegrown and Crusty Old Porn
10. Queef Bubble Embolism
11. Tits of All Shapes and Sizes
12. Don't Tell Mom the Baby Sister's Dead
13. Burning Your World (Fleshgrind cover)
14. Pimp in My Own Grind
15. Attack of the Ptardodactyl (A Vile Disturbance)
16. More Doors (Outro)
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