Hanging Garden - How Will You Live Your Life Today? (2009)

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Band: Hanging Garden
Album: How Will You Live Your Life Today?
Type: Full-length
Released: September 16, 2009
Genre: Depressive Suicidal Black Metal
Country: United States (San)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Self Mutilation Services


1. Only in My Mind 05:29
2. Under the Hanging Vines 08:22
3. Somewhere in My Heart 06:18
4. Will I End Up Loosing You Some Day 04:33
5. An Urge to Withdraw 04:57
6. Past Mistakes in Life 03:58
7. Tears of a Silent Rain 04:47
8. A Beautiful Song of Never Reached Dreams 03:43 instrumental
  1. When hipsters make Black Metal.
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