Neighborhood In Blood - Neighbors Eat Balls [EP] (2014)

Band: Neighborhood In Blood
Album: Neighbors Eat Balls
Type: EP
Released: October 29, 2014
Genre: Brutal Deathgrind / Grindcore
Country: Italy (Vicenza)
Quality: mp3 128 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Cocktail Of Masticated Organs And Shrimps
2. Rotten Cunt Amusement
3. Genital Disease Carnival
4. Blue Oyster Grind (Defecating Guts)
5. Skin Removal Zombie Style Faidate
6. Cuba Limbs, Spasmopolitan & Corpsirina
7. Zombie Daughter Defloration Ritual
8. Threatening Skies (Obituary cover)
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