Facelift Deformation - Dominating The Extermination (2018)

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Band: Facelift Deformation
Album: Dominating The Extermination
Type: Full-length
Released: May 7, 2018
Genre: Slamming Brutal Deathcore
Country: China (Hong Kong)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / FLAC
Label: Inherited Suffering Records


1.Rude Awakening 02:34
2.Blood Money 01:36
3.Scorching The Putrid Limbs 01:48
4.Defeated Righteous Origin 02:04
5.Dim Sum Massacre 02:56
6.Apoptosis And Necrosis 02:02
7.Remnants Of Human Flesh 01:39
8.Extraterrestrial Racism 02:01
9.Expanding The Hypocrisy 01:52
10.Rotten Dimension 01:45
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    Enjoy bitches!!!!
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      You beat me by 2 seconds you son of a bitch
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        Lol I win fucker.
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          Now if you could just keep up with the slam and stop uploading all the thrash and melodic death metal that would be great
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    I was racing home from work to post this hahaha
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    Hey I've uploaded far more good stuff than bad......I think :)
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    I'm just fucking with you. It's a good upload. I filled out the rest of the info for you that you left out in a rush. You're lucky you did you really beat me by one second:)
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    I know you are man. It's all in fun. I saw you added the Hong Kong and Brutal Slamming Deathcore. I'll share the accolades with you.
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    No, you won fair and square this time. You're lucky I'm at work!

    I was rushing filling out all my info in traffic on the Cross Bronx Expressway:) I was doomed from the start.
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    It's all for the greater good no matter who posted it. You and Stan still remain the Kings. I'm just making my way through the ranks.
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    Stan's the king, we will never catch up to him. He's almost up to 10,000. I've barely scratched the surface:)
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    Well that was my 15 seconds of fame. Time to upload some Queensryche. bahahahahaha
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      Please no....................:)
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    Now 320 and FLAC. Thank you "orm" for the FLAC upgrade.
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    You're welcome, Crypt (sorry i"am a little tired I make mistakes)
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    Love this album wish these guys had more out than just this
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