The Insidious Squelching Penetration.. - Delectable Rectal Meat [Demo] (2018)

Band: The Insidious Squelching Penetration..
Album: Delectable Rectal Meat
Type: Demo
Released: 2018
Genre: Goregrind
Country: United States
Quality: mp3 128 kbps
Label: Ribcage Distribution


1. Head Twisted Backwards to Maintain Eye Contact During Necrophilia
2. Delectable Rectal Meat
3. Incestuous Skeet
4. Snarling with a Mouthful of Chewed Off Genitals
5. Oozing Pus Encrusted on a Bed Ridden Molester
6. Vicious Embugerment
7. Overpowered, then Sexually Contorted
8. The Soft Squeaking Noise Emitted from a Elderly Pedophilliac's Rec
9. Force Paralyzed in Prison
10. Crippled Limb Pendulum
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    Full name of the band -

    The Insidious Squelching Penetration Of A Decrepit 74 Year Old Paraplegic Incestuous Pedophiliac's Impacted Rectum Due To Bowel Obstruction Whilst Peeling The Necrotic Epidermal Layer Of Oozing Neglected Bleeding Sores For Maximum Torturous Suffering
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