Ingested - The Level Above Human (2018)

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Band: Ingested
Album: The Level Above Human
Type: Full-length
Released: April 27, 2018
Genre: Slamming Brutal Deathcore
Country: United Kingdom (Manchester, England)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Unique Leader Records


1. Sovereign
2. Invidious
3. Misery Leech
4. Purveyors of Truth
5. Transcendence of Gods
6. Better Off Dead
7. Last Rites
8. The Crimson Oath
9. Purge the Parasite
10. Obsolescent
  1. This is an upconvert (transcode) but I will update as soon as it is available
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      Thanks, Tom!!
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    Cannot extract ?? Error help
    1. I double checked both links and they extract fine for me
  3. I re uploaded the mirror (cloudmail) see if that is better
  4. Awesome Tom4161!! Thanx!!
  5. finally its here
  6. this album is the best !!! Ingested doesn't suprise at this point now :D
  7. Now it is 320 kbps.It is no longer an upconvert
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      Thanks again, Tom!
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