Golem Of Gore - Horrendous Summoning Of Gore [Demo] (2018)

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Band: Golem Of Gore
Album: Horrendous Summoning Of Gore
Type: Demo
Released: April 13, 2018
Genre: Goregrind
Country: Italy
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Rectal Bowel Disgorgement
2. Consuming Purulent Flesh
3. Disgusting Suppurated Fetus
4. Festering Stabbing Scrotum
5. Ulcerous Intestinal Infection
6. Purulent Bacterial Meningitis
7. Rancid Industrial Sludge
8. Disfigured Carcass Exhibition
9. Defleshed Bowel Cumulus
10. Pulsating Vomit Mutilation
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