Encoffination - Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh (2010)

Band: Encoffination
Album: Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh
Type: Full-length
Released: April 2010
Genre: Doom-Death Metal
Country: United States
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Ritval Death Offerings


1. Procession (2:11)
2. Nefarious Yet Elegant Are the Bowels of Hell (4:59)
3. Miasma of Rotten Serenity (3:35)
4. Eucharist of Bone and Flame (3:44)
5. Interlude (2:08)
6. Beyond the Grace of Flesh Go I (6:06)
7. Entombment of the Breathing Flesh (5:11)
8. Coffinpsalms (8:21)
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