Embalming Theatre - The World Is a Stage... for Murder! (2005)

Band: Embalming Theatre
Album: The World Is a Stage... for Murder!
Type: Full-length
Released: December 19, 2005
Genre: Death Metal / Goregrind
Country: Switzerland (N/A)
Quality: mp3 VBR V0
Label: No Escape Records


01. Buried Alive VI: Stabbed, Beaten and Pregnant
02. Amputation of the Wrong Leg Pt. II
03. Punched, Burned, Strangled and Decapitated
04. Living with the Mummy
05. Dead Garbage II: Strangled Babies Shoved in Bags
06. Skull Soccer Pt. II
07. Get High on a Dead Dog
08. Registered Sex Offender Lives Here
09. Foetal Remains in a Trash Compactor
10. The World Is a Stage... for Murder!
11. Sex Slaves
12. Self Devourment (Hideous Mangleus cover)
13. He Ate His Own Penis
14. He Attacked Her with a Chainsaw
15. Bake the Baby
16. Severed Head in My Hand
17. Hot Wedding and Burning Hearts
18. Bulldozer Blues
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