Human Compost - Exhumations of Death and Horror [Compilation] (2018)

Band: Human Compost
Album: Exhumations of Death and Horror
Type: Compilation
Released: April 13, 2018
Genre: Death Metal / Goregrind
Country: Canada (Toronto, Ontario)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions


1. Asphixiating on Broken Glass
2. Hacksaw Head Removal
3. Overflowing Pitchers of Pus
4. Prenatal Punching
5. Decomposed
6. Preteen Sex Machine
7. Vaginal Exsanguination
8. Reduced to Human Sludge
9. Degradation of a Virgin Corpse
10. The Cold Flesh
11. Fecal Mastication [Diarrhetic Ecstasy]
12. A Shrink Wrapped Corpse
13. Gnawing on the Stump
14. I Kill Everything I Fuck [GG Allin cover]
15. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay [Autopsy cover]
16. Reduced to Human Sludge
17. Decomposed
18. Cauterize Her Cunt
19. Carnage [Mayhem cover]
20. The Exorcist [Possessed cover]
21. Death and Horror in the Labyrinths Below
22. Mutilate the Innocent
23. Breakfast at the Manchester Morgue [Impetigo cover]
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