Tumor - Splattered Human Goulash (1995)

Band: Tumor
Album: Splattered Human Goulash
Type: Full-length
Released: 1995
Genre: Grindcore / Noisegrind
Country: Germany
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: T.V.G. Records


A1 Insane Corpse Collector 1:16
A2 Mutilated Beyond Recognition 0:46
A3 Eaten By Myself 1:22
A4 My Love Was Strangulated 0:48
A5 Embalmed In Glue 0:14
A6 Too Dumb To Die 0:46
A7 I Wanna Cut Myself In Two Pieces 1:29
A8 Fingers For Dinner 0:19
A9 Gurgling Nitric Acid 0:17
A10 Grown In A Carcass 1:55
A11 Slaughter Your Daughter 0:47
A12 Bloodskating 0:56
A13 Smash Their Velvet Paws 0:38
A14 3 Wishes Free: Terror, Chaos, Disorder 0:42
A15 Massacre Of The Audience 0:40
A16 Extreme Protured Boils 1:04
A17 Moldy Nosh's My Favourite Dish 0:26
A18 Eliminate A Sheltered Life 0:15
B1 Sadistic Self - Laceration 1:50
B2 My Mom's A Massmurder 0:32
B3 No Grip On Guts 0:17
B4 Splatter'em All 0:27
B5 I Kill I Hate I Torture I Rape 0:47
B6 Render Evil For Good 0:20
B7 The Smell Of Burnt Flesh 0:15
B8 Splutter Your Brain Matter 0:57
B9 She Was Buried In Her Teens 0:16
B10 Electro-Shocked Bodies 0:37
B11 Lebendig In Den Tod 1:56
B12 Go You Fucker 0:25
B13 Scream Your Lungs Out 0:33
B14 The Horrible Death Of Romeo & Juliet 0:04
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