The Chasm - Procreation of the Inner Temple [Reissue] (2011)

Band: The Chasm
Album: Procreation of the Inner Temple
Type: Full-length / Reissue
Released: October 2011
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Mexico (Mexico City (early), Chicago, United States (later))
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Lux Inframundis Productions


1. Conqueror of the Mourningstar
2. A Dream of an Astral Spectrum (To an Eternal Hate)
3. Confessions and a Strange Anxiety
4. Honoris Lux Infinitus (A Whisper of the Moon)
5. The Day of Liberation
6. The Lonely Walker (My Pride and My Wrath)
7. A Dream Of An Astral Spectrum (Revision MMXI)
8. The Cosmos Within
9. Stair to Aspirations
10. Reality (Descend Into The Chasm, I)
11. The Gardens Of The Blind
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