Poppy Seed Grinder / Defeated Sanity - Talk Evolution / The Parasite [Split] (2002)

Band: Poppy Seed Grinder / Defeated Sanity
Album: Talk Evolution / The Parasite
Type: Split
Released: 2002
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Technical Brutal Death Metal
Country: Czech Republic / Germany
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Grodhaisn Productions


Poppy Seed Grinder (Czech Republic):
1. Talk Evolution
2. Sadistic Corporation
3. The Unmenagible Of Consequeces
4. Destiny
5. Born In The Grave
6. The Apocalypse Of Humanity
7. From Beyond (Massacre Cover)

Defeated Sanity (Germany):
8. The Parasite
9. Forensic Entomology
10. Horrid Decomposition
11. Expectoration Of Fear
12. Retreat Of The Conquered
13. Transplanting The Incureable
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