Defleshuary - From Feast To Filth [Compilation] (2012)

Band: Defleshuary
Album: From Feast To Filth
Type: Compilation
Released: July 18, 2012
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Country: United States (Lancaster, Pennsylvania)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Sevared Records


Promo 2008:
1. World Devourer
2. Wormlike Voracity
3. Abraxas Annihilation (Integrity Cover)

Zombie Plague, Rampant Horror (EP 2007):
4. Wax Sarcophagus
5. Gutted And Chopped In Two
6. Corpse You Up
7. Hooked And Sawed
8. Island Of Zombies
9. Hunger Spirit
10. Zombie Plague, Rampant Horror
11. Self Inflicted Zombie Victim

You Could Wake Up Dead Tomorrow (Demo 2006):
12. Dead Hate The Living
13. Defleshuary
14. Wax Sarcophagus
15. Hunger Spirit

Feasting On Torso (Demo 2004):
16. Open Wound Defilement
17. Gutted & Torn In Two
18. Shredded Skin Strew
19. Death's Rebirth
20. Murderous Urge
21. Hooked And Sawed
22. Defleshuary
23. We Bite (The Misfits Cover)
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