Atavism / Decrepit Artery - Atavism / Decrepit Artery [Split] (2011)

Band: Atavism / Decrepit Artery
Album: Atavism / Decrepit Artery
Type: Split
Released: August 28, 2011
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Grindcore
Country: Greece / Spain
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Sewer Records


Atavism (Greece):
1. Intro
2. A Task Of Butchery
3. Blood Irritation
4. Gored To Death
5. Corpses Cataclysm
6. Craving For Flesh
7. Flesh Eater
8. Guts Encrusted In Mud
9. Flesh Hunger
10. Unholy Embalmment Of Seraphimic Cadaver
11. Silent Night, Bloody Night (Mortician Cover)
12. Mortician (Mortician Cover)
13. Intro / The Fog (Agathocles Cover)
14. Paranormal Activities After The Ejaculation Of A Post-Mortem (Live)
15. Cemetery Cannibalism (Live)
16. Subtract Limbs (Live)
17. Grind (Unreleased)

Decrepit Artery (Spain):
18. Ulcerous Purulent Guttural Pouch Empyema
19. H.D.B.E.V.C.E.D.P.B
20. Necrolytic Digestion Of Rancid Mucous Neoplasma
21. Suffocation With Deglutition Of Mucus
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