Gravemind - The Deathgate [EP] (2017)

Band: Gravemind
Album: The Deathgate
Type: EP
Released: 2017
Genre: Progressive Deathcore
Country: Australia
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Eschaton
2. The Deathgate
3. Echo (ft. Aidan Ellaz of Alpha Wolf)
4. Deadspace
5. Anaesthesia
6. Human
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Gravemind's discography:
  1. adfly after adfly after adfly.... thanks I'll download it from somewhere else
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      If you register then there will be no more adfly
      1. Holy shit lol, thanks mate, I didn't know that. I retract my previous bitching.
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          But keep in mind, sometimes users themselves add advertising links, so we try to get rid of them as far as possible
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