Guerra Total - מלחמה כוללת (2016)

Duration: 46:08

Quality: mp3 VBR V1

Size: 94.2


Band: Guerra Total
Album: מלחמה כוללת
Type: Full-length
Released: January 29, 2016
Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash Metal
Country: Colombia (Bogotá, D.C., Cundinamarca)
Label: American Line Productions


1. Vientos de holocausto (holókauston)
2. Nekroplasma
3. מלחמה כוללת (Guerra total)
4. Alien Invaders III (Ancient Reptiles)
5. The Music of Erich Zann
6. Black Horror Kommando (Misantropología)
7. When There Is No War, There Is No Peace (孫子兵法)
8. निर्वाण (Moksha)
9. Δημιουργός
10. Metal Goats
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