Guerra Total - Antichristian Zombie Hordes (2012)

Duration: 36:09

Quality: mp3 VBR V1

Size: 72.6


Band: Guerra Total
Album: Antichristian Zombie Hordes
Type: Full-length
Released: December 27, 2012
Genre: Black Metal / Death Metal / Speed Metal / Thrash Metal
Country: Colombia (Bogotá, D.C., Cundinamarca)
Label: Goat Curse Diaboli Productions


1. Intro: The Walking Dead
2. Invasión Demoniaca (Alien Invaders II)
3. Atomik Crucifixion... Horrific Misanthropic Armageddon
4. Evil HeadBangers
5. Posesión (La maldad reencarnada)
6. Cementerio Infernal
7. Burial Ground: Nights of Terror
8. City of the Living Dead
9. ZombieHammer
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