Vampire - With Primeval Force (2017)

Band: Vampire
Album: With Primeval Force
Type: Full-length
Released: April 21, 2017
Genre: Death Metal / Thrash Metal
Country: Sweden (Gothenburg)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Century Media Records


01. Knights of the Burning Crypt
02. He Who Speaks
03. Metamorphosis
04. Skull Prayer
05. Midnight Trial
06. Revenants
07. Ghoul Wind
08. Initiation Rite
09. Scylla

Line Up:
Command - Bass
Hand of Doom - Vocals (ex-Scyther, ex-The Legion, ex-Pen Expers)
Black String - Guitars (ex-Lukemborg, ex-Eidomantum, ex-Portrait)
Abysmal Condor - Drums (ex-Inverted Cross, ex-Mister Green, ex-The Prometheus Syndrome, ex-Framtyr, ex-Schizophrenia, ex-Obliterated)
Sepulchral Condor - Guitars (ex-Inverted Cross, ex-Mister Green, ex-The Shattering, ex-Dissectum, ex-Leprosy, ex-Schizophrenia, ex-New Keepers of the Water Towers)
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