Fleshless / Mastic Scum - Free Off Pain / Fake [Split] (1996)

Band: Fleshless / Mastic Scum
Album: Free Off Pain / Fake
Type: Split
Released: 1996
Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal / Deathgrind / Grindcore
Country: International (Czech Republic / Austria)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Ohne Maulkorb Production



1. Step from the God
2. I'm the Part of You
3. I Will Grind Your Fingers
4. Free Off Pain
5. Your Ignorance ... My Death
6. With Blood on the Hands
7. Behind the Wall

Mastic Scum

8. Drive In
9. The Human Scum
10. Mindfart
11. Rock Out with Your Cock Out
12. Perverse Illusion
13. Fuckin' Fact
14. Brain Slam
15. A Load of Koky
16. Political Shit
17. A Child & His Lawnmover (Dead Kennedys cover)
18. Conviction
19. Drive Out
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