Splendora - In the Grass (Deluxe Edition) (1995)

Band: Splendora
Album: In the Grass [Deluxe Edition]
Type: Full-length
Released: September 19, 1995
Genre: Punk Rock
Style: Grunge / Alternative / Female Vocals
Country: United States (New York, New York)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Koch Records


1-Bee Stung Lips 2:30
2-Rat Fink 4:16
3-Breeze 3:25
4-Rocker 3:28
5-Beautiful 3:29
6-Polyanna 3:48
7-Reanimator 3:20
8-Shirt On 4:05
9-Sever 3:54
10-Rattle 2:28
11-Cover The River 3:43
12-No Place 4:25
13-It's Great 4:15
14-Busted 4:58
15-Turn The Sun Down (Bonus track)
16-College try (Bonus track)
17-You're Standing On My Neck (Bonus track)
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