De Magia Veterum - Migdal Bavel (2009)

Band: De Magia Veterum
Album: Migdal Bavel
Type: Full-length
Released: January 20, 2009
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Netherlands (Drachten, Friesland)
Quality: mp3 VBR V1
Label: Mistress Dance Records


1. The Confusion of Tongues
2. Migdal Bavel
3. The Boat of Uta-Naphistim
4. Interlude I: The Ruins of Copan
5. Curse of Cannan
6. Zaota
7. I Am the Vine
8. Interlude II: Evocation of the Gallu
9. Below the Altar of Ra-Hoor-Khuit
10. Rapture
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