Sperm Of Mankind - Gödzilla (2013)

Band: Sperm Of Mankind
Album: Gödzilla
Type: Full-length
Released: November 2013
Genre: Groovy Goregrind / Porngrind
Country: Slovakia
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Bizarre Leprous Production


01.[00:00] Song of bones (intro)
02.[00:36] Dildo Baggins
03.[01:45] Asthmatic Dragons
04.[03:35] Born Pregnant
05.[05:40] Godzilla
06.[07:42] Tale from the dump
07.[09:26] The nude grandfather
08.[10:56] Hammer
09.[12:51] Your Spermmortal
10.[12:58] Cum 41
11.[14:43] Press (The Day Everything Became Nothing cover)
12.[16:52] Romantic Date
13.[18:14] Knackers bowling
14.[19:26] Nice Shoes Faggot
15.[21:31] I cant belive it's not penic
16.[23:18] Paladin 4 U
17.[24:47] Splachovaci system
18.[26:47] Whispering Rittens
19.[28:12] If someone doesn't get me a diaper right now
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