Apofenia - Peste (2016)

Band: Apofenia

Album: Peste

Type: Full-length

Released: July 10, 2016

Genre: Female Vocals / Thrash-Death Metal

Country: Argentina (San Luis)

Quality: mp3 320 kbps

Label: Independent


1. Descuartizado 02:42
2. Peste nacional 03:20
3. Putrefacción 03:33
4. Invasores asesinos 03:27
5. Muerte 02:58

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Apofenia's availible albums:
  1. please upload "Pestilence" (2017) from Apofenia
    1. Here it is(I do not think it is post worthy so I will leave it here) - http://www36.zippyshare.com/v/IyrhAfxd/file.html
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