Cryptic Void - Into The Desert Temple (2017)

Band: Cryptic Void
Album: Into The Desert Temple
Type: Full-length
Released: March 24, 2017
Genre: Grindcore / Deathgrind / Death Metal
Country: United States (Houston)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1. Wasteland I
2. Wasteland II
3. Into the Desert Temple
4. Subterranean Vault of the Mysteries
5. The Realm of Abstraction
6. Their Morbid Chamber
7. Rebirth
8. Beyond the Sphere
9. Mastery and Power
10. Of Worlds Past
11. Instrument of Desolation
12. Into the Breach
13. Universal Retribution
14. Unto the Bondage of Death
15. Eternal Isolation
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