Schoolgirl Upon Thy Corpse - Goregy (2017)

Band: Schoolgirl Upon Thy Corpse

Album: Goregy

Type: Full-length

Released: 2017

Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Goregrind

Country: Russia

Quality: mp3 320 kbps

Label: Independent


1. Cybersodomy 04:13
2. Underaged Vampiric Incest 02:42
3. Eternal Defloration 03:06
4. Hot Pot With Perchloric Acid (ft. Testosteronegenerator of Anal Kudasai) 03:10
5. Ropes and Chains (ft. Benjamin of Contraktor) 02:44
6. Shot In The Stomach, Hidden In A Pile Of Rotting Carcasses, Soaked In Gasoline And Set Ablaze 01:29
7. Engorged to Bursting Point by Futanari Smegma (ft. Diana of Cheerleader Concubine) 03:57
8. The Femboy Excalibur 04:50
9. Meat's Revenge 02:58
10. Involuntary Self-Immolation 03:24
11. Fisting Oneself with Severed Arms 03:43

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    esta roto el link x,d
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