Insidious - The Last Human Bleed [EP / Reissue] (2016)

Band: Insidious
Album: The Last Human Bleed
Type: EP / Reissue
Released: November 6, 2016
Genre: Death Metal
Country: Argentina (Buenos Aires)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps / WAV
Label: Disfigured Productions


01. Detrimentor
02. Torture Machine
03. Reason To Hate
04. Bless Me With Fire
05. The Last Human Bleed
06. Carnage Of Pervertion (Bonus Track)
07. Inside Torment (Bonus Track)
08. Sentences To The Obituary (Bonus Track)
09. Devoured Of Soul (Bonus Track) (Demo)
10. Total Discomunion (Bonus Track) (Demo)
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