Arabian Death Mask - Grim Realities (2017)

Band: Arabian Death Mask
Album: Grim Realities
Type: Full-length
Released: February 20, 2017
Genre: Brutal Deathgrind
Country: United States (Newark)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


01. Road Head/Ode To Serena
02. Insufferable Burden
03. Brain Chisel
04. Grindshit42016
05. ATF – Alaskan Thunder Fuck
06. Bacon is Good for Me
07. Blucifer’s Revenge
08. Beer, Titties, and a Bowl of Scrotum Chili
09. No Teeth Please
10. Gore-Illa Fist
11. Amputee Slutfuck
12. Reek
13. You’re Not David Bowie
14. Villa Novus
15. Grim Realities
16. Scenario
17. Gaian Mind
18. Fuck the Middle East (S.O.D Cover)
19. United Forces
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