Mastectomy - Hell on Earth (2017)

Band: Mastectomy

Album: Hell on Earth

Type: Full-length

Released: February 22, 2017

Genre: Brutal Death Metal / Death Metal

Country: Poland (Poznań)

Quality: mp3 128 kbps

Label: Rotten Music


1. Destroying the Monument of Holy Mary
2. Repulsive Inhuman Bestiality
3. Global Cesspool
4. Suffocated by Barbed Wire
5. Krew for krew [Blood for Blood]
6. Domain of a Dreadful Reprisal
7. Multiple Pavulon Injections
8. Deadly Chain of Events
9. Beat Down That Fucking Bitch
10. Aborted from a God's Womb
11. Squeezing the Trigger
12. Family Execution
13. Pornopaedophilic Infestation
14. Sadystyczne zabawy [Sadistic games]

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