Cystoblastosis, Deterioration - Split (2017)

Band: Cystoblastosis / Deterioration

Album: Split

Type: Full-length

Released: February 20, 2017

Genre: Goregrind / Grindcore

Country: International (Saint Petersburg, Russia / Minneapolis, Minnesota USA)

Quality: mp3 VBR V0

Label: Thoracopagus Records


01. Cystoblastosis - Primary Brain Lymphoma
02. Cystoblastosis - Progressive Multifocal Leukodystrophy
03. Cystoblastosis - Ectopic Pregnancy
04. Cystoblastosis - Formation of a Thick Yellowish-Green Pus
05. Cystoblastosis - Streptococcal Skin Infections
06. Cystoblastosis - Intracranial Hemorrhage
07. Cystoblastosis - Neoplastic Diseases of the Lymphatic Tissue
08. Deterioration - Hit the Warp Pipe / A Variety of Bad Guys / Beat That Nerd to Death / He Told Me He Knows Karate / Radiation Mutation / Grandma's Sausage

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