Kill The Client - Set For Extinction (2010)

Band: Kill The Client
Album: Set For Extinction
Type: Full-length
Released: 2010
Genre: Grindcore
Country: United States
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Relapse Records


1. No Leaders
2. Questions To A Brick Wall
3. Dig Two Graves
4. As Roaches
5. Pressing The Flesh
6. Conflict Within
7. Pandemic
8. Vicious Slaughter
9. Final Days
10. Postmortem Exoneration
11. Industry Of Fear
12. No Justice No Fear
13. Targets In Straightjackets
14. Primetime Dogma
15. Death Of Reality
16. The Walking Dead
17. Purveyors Of Death
18. Customer Service
19. Cull The Herd
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