Kill The Client - Cleptocracy (2008)

Band: Kill The Client

Album: Cleptocracy

Type: Full-length

Released: 2008

Genre: Grindcore

Country: United Kingdom

Quality: mp3 320 kbps

Label: Willowtip Records


1. Divide And Conquer
2. Retaliate
3. Bullet Proof Vultures
4. Christian Pipebomb
5. Consumption Is Intoxication
6. Cleptocrasy
7. Test Tube Nation
8. Product Of Misinformation
9. Evidence Of Injustice
10. Dog Tagget
11. 99 Percent Turnover
12. The Lies
13. A Mockery Of Guidance
14. Downfall
15. False Flag Attack
16. Red State Redneck
17. Spartacus
18. Terminal Nation

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