Darkest Hour - The Mark of the Judas (2000)

Band: Darkest Hour
Album: The Mark of the Judas
Type: Full-length
Released: July 18, 2000
Genre: Heavy Metal / Melodic Death Metal / Metalcore
Country: United States (Washington)
Quality: mp3 192 kbps
Label: MIA; Southern Lord (SUNN21), Join the Team Player Records


1. "For the Soul of the Savior" 6:01
2. "A Blessing in Tragedy" 3:07
3. "The Legacy" 3:42
4. "Part II" 2:31
5. "Eclipse" 4:56
6. "The Mark of the Judas" 4:39
7. "Escape Artist" 4:19
8. "Messiah Complex" 4:28
9. "How the Beautiful Decay" 7:15
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