Motionless In White - Creatures (Deluxe Edition) (2010)

Band: Motionless In White
Album: Creatures (Deluxe Edition)
Type: Full-length
Released: October 12, 2010
Genre: Gothic Metal / Metalcore
Country: United States (Ocala, Florida)
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Fearless Records


1. "Immaculate Misconception"
2. "We Only Come Out at Night"
3. "London in Terror"
4. "Abigail"
5. "Creatures
6. "Cobwebs"
7. ".Com Pt. II"
8. "Count Choculitis"
9. "City Lights"
10. "Puppets (The First Snow)"
11. "Undead Ahead"
12. "Scissorhands (The Last Snow)"
13. "Dragula" (Rob Zombie cover)
14. "Creatures (Celldweller "Beauty" Remix)"
15. "Mallevs Maleficarvm (Tim Skold Remix)"
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