Squash Bowels - Grindvirus (2009)

Band: Squash Bowels

Album: Grindvirus

Type: Full-length

Released: 2009

Genre: Deathgrind / Goregrind

Country: Poland

Quality: mp3 320 kbps

Label: Apathic View Productions


01. Grindvirus
02. Two Cows and Monkey
03. Oust - Odour Eliminator
04. Wriggler
05. Abhorrently Stinking Rich Man
06. Shit Oneself
07. D.I.
08. Sheep Dog
09. Bacterial Fertiliser
10. Hamsters in Your Head
11. Don't Look a Gift Horse in the Ass
12. Nose - Lunger
13. Child Victims
14. Anodal Closing Odour

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