Blood Freak - Mindscraper (2011)

Band: Blood Freak

Album: Mindscraper

Type: Full-length

Released: April 5, 2011

Genre: Death Metal / Deathgrind / Grindcore

Country: United States (Portland)

Quality: mp3 320 kbps

Label: Willowtip Records


1. Psychoplasmics
2. Merchants of Sleaze
3. Sleeping in Hell
4. Pink on the Inside
5. Scared Stiff
6. Slaughterhouse Recollections
7. Mindscraper
8. Sex Trash Princess
9. Paralyzed by the Medusa Spider
10. Death Trip... in the Drug Den of the Damned
11. We Kill Cause We Care
12. Gobble Up Your Guts Pt.3

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