Erang - King of Nothing, Slave to No One (2017)

Erang - King of Nothing, Slave to No One (2017)
Band: Erang
Album: King of Nothing, Slave to No One
Type: Full-length
Released: January 10, 2017
Genre: Ambient Black Metal / Epic Black Metal
Style: Celtic Metal / Dungeon Synth / Instrumental
Country: France
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


1. King of Nothing
2. A New Magic arises from the Steppes of Kolm
3. Day of the Troll
4. Within the Sand Palace of Amang
5. Where Gold of Stars will Glow
6. Spirits of the Greenberry Haven
7. Flow of Time is Always Cruel
8. The Madman and the Dragons
9. The Purple Castle on Top of the Ruby Hills
10. The Mayoo Woods Mystery
11. Every Moon and Every Sun
12. True Alchemy Never Dies
13. Slave to No One
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