Hecate Enthroned - Dark Requiems... and Unsilent Massacre (1998) (Reissue) (2016)

Duration: 42:57

Quality: mp3 320 kbps


Band: Hecate Enthroned
Album: Dark Requiems... and Unsilent Massacre (1998) (Reissue)
Type: Full-length
Released: 2016
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal
Country: United Kingdom (Manchester, England / Wrexham, Wales)
Label: Blackend


01. (Intro) In Nomine Satanas
02. The Pagan Swords Of Legend
03. Centuries Of Wolfen Hunger
04. Forever In Ebony Drowning
05. Upon The Kingdom Throne
06. For Thee, In Sinful Obscurity
07. Dark Requiems, And Unsilent Massacre
08. Thy Sorrow Bequeathed
09. The Scarlet Forsaken
10. Ancient Graveless Dawn
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