Jill Sandwich - To Die Is To Live (2016)

Jill Sandwich - To Die Is To Live (2016)
Band: Jill Sandwich
Album: To Die Is To Live
Type: Full-length
Released: 2016
Genre: Grindcore / Noisegrind
Country: Russia
Quality: mp3 320 kbps
Label: Independent


Begging For Transubstantiation 00:31
Dat Carcinoma On Dat Ass 00:19
Zombie Dong For Ada Wong 00:22
There Is No Theism But Pantheism 00:23
Suck My Clit And Balls, Mel Gibson! 00:20
Carnivore Twatty Megacolon Fuck Yeah! 00:19
Sub-Ethnic Spermblast 00:19
Filthy Footjob Myth 00:16
Your Voice Must Be Silenced! 00:20
Arse Terrorizer 00:24
Stereotypically Booty Sentinel O'Mine (What?!) 00:27
(I Am) Omniscient Hydrofashist 00:23
Girlie Murder 00:20
Fuck You, Rob Schneider! 00:16
I Hate Anime Therefore I Am 00:21
I'll Always Be In Love With This Album 00:25
Who Da Fuck Is Jennifer Lawrence? 00:17
Your God Is A Hermophrodite Unless You're Muslim Or Not 00:22
Break The Down Syndrome 00:36
Adam Sandler Is So Funny 00:23
Twatty Afro Kaleidoscope 00:37
Subsequent Foreskin Сanoodle 00:21
That's How You Get Your Mojo Rising. Literally 00:24
Errors In Judgement 00:27
Beehive Fucker (Let My Spirit Soar) 00:15
Obtain Recto-Uteral Horror 00:24
I Ain't Shit, Playa (Irreconcilable Crooks / Bitch-Ass-Nigga Homicide) 00:27
Gay Love From Above 00:38
Say "Aloha" For Death Metal Prohibition (Public Headbanger Ass Slap) 00:22
Tits = $$$ 00:20
Suplexin' God's Cadaver 00:26
Share Your Tampons With Oleg Gazmanov 00:19
Phenomenize My Being! 00:31
One Note Is All I Need 00:30
Sentenced To Cuddle A Heeb 00:20
I Really Fucking Hate You, Rob Schneider 00:19
Negroid - Mongoloid - Vaginoid Disposal 00:20
Aaron Stainthorpe Is A Heroin Chic 00:20
End My Thug Life With Your Yo-Yo-Yo Spell 00:19
Maybe I Should Call This Band Something Like "Elysium" Or "Cuntshitblood" But Whatsoever 00:18
Splinter Does Drugs 00:17
Urethral Expedition Of Green Pencil 00:14
I Tried To Prevent Holocaust With Whining 00:34
Convex Fucker 00:22
This Is The Job For SheZow 00:20
Unnecessary Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy 00:24
Necessary Laparoscopic Colon Resection 00:24
Fuck Off, Damn Knickerbocker! 00:24
Snatam Kaur Stabbed A Cow 00:38
Don't Waste Mai Thaim 00:23
Extraterrestrial Skank 00:27
We Solemnly Believe In Leaves (What!) 00:23
Like Menometrorrhagia Or Not 00:22
Tea With Leiomyoma 00:33
Held Captive By Commie Chink 00:16
Interchangeable Bikini Girls 00:25
Murderous Faggot Ubiquity (¡Te Voy A Matar!) 00:34
Open Arms To Pornoslavie 00:36
Sandwiched By Chris Redfield And Barry Burton 00:17
Morir Es Vivir 00:17
Physodermataceae (Bonus Track) 02:04
Sorochytriaceae (Bonus Track) 02:03
Blastocladiomycetes (Bonus Track) 02:05
Coelomomycetaceae (Bonus Track) 02:19
Meristacraceae (Bonus Track) 02:09
Entomophthoromycotina (Bonus Track) 02:17
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